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Sunset Valley Times #4 Nu Online !!!

Het vierde nummer Sunset Valley Times de gelijknamige online krant van Sunset Valley Times

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Making The Band With Your Sims

Op de Amerikaanse Sims 3 Site staat een bericht over het maken van een band in De Sims 3 Na Middernacht

Making the Band with your Sims

Being in a band and potentially living the life of a rock star is an incredible dream that we’ve all entertained at one time or another. That’s why even the most tone-deaf among us get together with our best friends and jam away in our garages, driving our parents and neighbors crazy. Never mind that the road to fame involves sketchy venues and poorly paid gigs! Here on The Sims 3 team, we are pretty excited that your Sims can now actively pursue that rock and roll dream!


The Band career is flexible and full of possibilities in The Sims 3 Late Night. Buy one of four new instruments and your Sims can play in anything from a jazz band to a rock band. There’s a double bass, keyboard or piano, and a drum kit. Your Sims must learn to play an instrument first because really, what kind of band leader doesn’t know basic scales. Once they’ve gained some skill, it’s time to recruit band members.



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