The Latest News About The Sims

PhotobucketOnze collega’s van Sims 3 Cri hebben een Preview Van De Sims 3 Na Middernacht gemaakt en er staan veel nieuwe foto’s bij

Build Mode

Halfwalls: thank God, they’re back. Finally we’ll be able to use them again without custom content!

Internal stage: another glad return! You can now create stages and small platforms without going crazy with cheats. They are shorter than The Sims 2’s and cannot be overlaid nor you can place stairs on them.

Elevators: skyscrapers and apartments have elevators, of course! Here they are and yes, you can woohoo inside them.

Fountains: a new tools allows you to create fountains. How can a VIP club be an exclusive club without a fountain? (picture taken from Laremandgo

Lees De Hele Preview


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