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The Sims: Medieval Gamescom Preview

We’re all familiar with the mighty Sims – the all-conquering franchise has sold over 125 million units, after all. But at Gamescom, we got the full low-down on what will be the most radical take yet on The Sims when it arrives in March 2011: The Sims Medieval.

Medieval is no mere Sims expansion pack: it’s a whole, standalone game which won’t require a copy of The Sims 3 in order to run. As the name suggests, it puts the Sims into a medieval setting, which somehow makes eminently good sense, and definitely allows for some great comic possibilities. And gameplay-wise, it’s very different than any previous Sims game – it gives you more control over your Sims than ever, and encourages you to manipulate a whole cast of characters.

Senior Producer Rachel Bernstein – the Sims Medieval guru, in other words – demoed the game to us, talking us through it as she went. “Medieval introduces a new way of playing The Sims – you negotiate it by going on quests, in each of which you get to choose your hero. The first thing you do when you start a game is choose your Kingdom Ambition, which could be to be a builder, conquer territories or fill your kingdom with magic. Having done that, quests become the central feature of the game. Some have nothing to do with your Kingdom Ambition, but the idea is that each quest is a story idea, like improve theatre.”

Time for a quest

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    Er staat Previeuw in de titel 😉 Kleine tip 😛

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