The Latest News About The Sims

De Australische site Kotaku heeft een interview op hun site gezet met Rachel Bernstein i.v.m. De Sims Middeleeuwen

Net zoals in De Sims 3 wordt er in De Sims Middeleeuwen gewoon Simlish gesproken maar in De Sims 3 Middeleeuwen zal volledig anders zijn, zo zal het Simlish meer lijken op het Oude Engels

The look of the game isn’t the only thing the team tweaked for Sims Medieval, they also reworked the way the Sims speak.

“Simlish was altered to be more medieval,” Bernstein said. “We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how it would sound. Initially we thought about making everyone sound more British. We tried an over-the-top Monty Python simlish.”

What the team ended up with was a similish designed to sound like old English, she said.

Lees het Hele Interview Op Kotaku

Bron: Sims 3 Nieuws


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