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IGN heeft blijkbaar al het Gamescom 2010 al mogen bezoeken, want zij hebben al een preview van De Sims 3 Na Middernacht online gezet

Gamescom: The Sims 3: Late Night Preview

Sims players have to be accustomed to EA’s franchise business model at this point. Following the release of the next numbered entry in the franchise, a slew of expansions are released. It’s like an optional subscription fee, but buying into it also nets you a ton of content to keep your Sims busy, whether it’s going to school, heading out on vacation, or turning into witches and vampires. For The Sims 3, EA has so far produced two expansion packs. The first, called World Adventures, let you travel to Egypt, China, and France to get away from the routine of everyday life to quest and find artifacts and occasionally run into mummies. The second, called Ambitions, gave you more control over your sims in the workplace. The next is called Late Night, which gives your sims the opportunity to dive into night life and downtown living, secure a fancy apartment in a flashy high rise, and if you’re willing, turn into a vampire. It’s something that anyone who checked out Sims 2: Nightlife should be very familiar with, but still features a number of features Sims players will likely appreciate.

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Bron: Simprograms


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